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Being sensitive to the needs of our customers, we never compromise on taste, quality, and freshness for each of our handmade products. In addition, we are fully committed to uphold social and ecological sustainability with all our delish dishes served in innovative, 100% eco-friendly packaging and all unsold food donated to local established charities. 

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We use 100% natural, fresh ingredients that are carefully selected and of the highest quality. All products are free from flavour enhancers, animal gelatine, colourings and preservatives. Nothing goes in to make our products last longer, taste different or look different. In short: it’s healthy, pure and honest food.


We serve all our products in modern, innovative 100% eco-friendly packaging. From biodegradable pasta bowls to recycled and reusable rex-glasses for our desserts, pesto and pasta salads. We aim to reduce our impact on the environment and make caring for our planet that little bit easier.


Our international, qualified kitchen team hand-make all our food every day. We adhere to a high, strict standard of hygiene, with frequent handwashing, and the use of sterile gloves when in contact with food. Be assured to feel safe when you enjoy our food!


Markus Praschl, entrepreneur, philanthropist and passionate lover of Italian cuisine is the man behind the scenes and the backbone of Delitalys Foodies. After living and working in Italy, he decided to bring home the best of the nation’s dishes to fuse with modern food trends. His new recipe creations to include exciting tastes and flavours simply prove that tradition can be reinvented repeatedly. Aiming to cater for the urban lifestyle, he has been relentless on his focus to provide quality, daily freshness, as well as keeping a conscious for environmental and social sustainability - all of which has made Delitaly’s Foodies to be a pioneer of convenience food.

Markus Praschl


Meet some of our Delitaly’s Foodies