Foodtruck –Fast and Furious

Our fun and trendy Foodtruck based in Grünbergstrasse, Meidling is part of Delitaly’s urban on the go lifestyle. Offering a changing daily menu of high quality, 100% natural and authentic on the spot cooked pasta meals, exquisite pinsa with toppings from prosciutto to burrata, desserts, cold to eat bowls and heat to eat rex glasses. It’s streetfood redefined!

Deli’s Bar

Our trendy Deli's Bars at Vienna's Rochusmarket offers a wider range of products. We redefine the term fast food, by making and serving high quality, 100% natural food - quickly, all day and every day! Accompanying our daily menu we have authentic ready to eat pasta bowls, rex pasta, rex desserts, fresh pesto & sugo, traditionally handmade pasta and our romana pinsa with various toppings. Be sure we have something for everyone!

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